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The mission of Sapphire Sea Homes is simple:

Build leading-edge quality Pointe West Galveston custom homes.

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Take a look at our vision and work results.

We Build Quality Engineered Galveston Custom Homes

As your Galveston custom homebuilder for primary, secondary, and investment coastal homes, we pull from over 19 years of residential custom home construction experience to create your dream seaside custom home.

We start with your concept and handle every construction phase from lot selection, home plans, permitting, engineering, construction/inspections, and final occupancy inspection. Basically, we handle the entire build process from start to finish while you enjoy the fun and excitement of watching your dream home become a reality.

We also partner with investors to build new coastal homes that deliver a far better return than any other investment opportunity available in the market today.  Your investment is secured by real property that equates to a very low investment risk opportunity.


  • Financing Options
  • Neighborhood Selection
  • Lot Selection Based on Wants and Needs
  • Home Design Selection
  • Build Timeframes
  • Sapphire Sea Homes Communication Channels

Finish out Selection

  • Exterior Home Design Elements
  • Exterior Color Selections
  • Lighting Package
  • Flooring Selections
  • Cabinet Design and Style
  • Countertop Selection
  • Door and Window Selections
  • Door and Plumbing Fixture Selections
  • Interior Color Selections

Construction Phase

  • Home Plans Approved
  • Engineering for Coastal Homes Finalized
  • Build Permits Completed (city @ HOA)
  • Full Home Construction
  • Engineering and City Inspections Completed During Construction
  • Final Walk Through
  • Final City Inspection

Finance Focus

  • Cash Investment
  • Banking Options
  • Solo 401K
  • Professional Real Estate Options
  • Short Term Construction Loans
  • Construction Loan/Final Home Loans
  • Sapphire Sea Homes Online Financial Status Updates During Construction

How do we get started building seaside homes and real wealth?

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